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Syncing customer data between Retail POS (R-Series) and eCom (E-Series)

Customer information from online sales syncs to the Customers page in Retail POS when a customer submits an order.

R-Series Customers page.

Customer information from in-store purchases does not sync to your eCom (E-Series) dashboard.

E-Series Customers page.

The customer information sync only happens once. For this reason, your Retail POS and eCom (E-Series) customer lists must be separately maintained. For example, if you update an existing customer’s information in Retail POS, that update will not sync to the customer’s profile in your eCom (E-Series) dashboard. 

When a customer places an online order, the following customer information syncs from your eCom (E-Series) dashboard to Retail POS:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

If a customer who already has a Retail POS profile makes an online purchase, their information will sync to Retail POS but will not automatically merge with their existing account. You can merge customer accounts. Once the Retail POS and eCom (E-Series) accounts are merged, any future in-person and online sales the customer makes will be synced to their Retail POS account.

The sales information will also sync from your eCom (E-Series) dashboard to Retail POS, and you can view online sales from eCom (E-Series).

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