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Viewing online sales from eCom (E-Series)

Completed eCom (E-Series) sales sync to your Retail POS account. All orders that are paid online or require pickup will be viewable in Retail POS. Sales that are Awaiting Payment in eCom do not sync to Retail POS until payment is completed. This is a one-way sync, meaning in-store sales are not viewable on your eCom dashboard.

Viewing online sales in Retail POS

  1. Select Reports from the main menu. 
  2. In Sales & Refunds, click Totals.Retail-R-reports-totals.png
  3. On the far right of the table, locate the Source column. The eCom label identifies which sales are from your online store. This information is included in exported reports.Retail-R-source-column.png

You can also view your online sales in the Lines, Sales by category, and All transactions reports in Retail POS. You can filter these reports to show only eCom sales.

  1. Click the Advanced drop-down.
  2. Click the box for Show Only Sales from External Channels.
  3. Click Search.Retail-R-show-ecom-only.png

Viewing online sales in eCom (E-Series)

All online sales, regardless of status, are viewable in eCom.

  1. Navigate to eCom (E-Series) using the dropdown in Retail POS.
  2. Click My SalesOrders.
  3. Click an order to view the details including order number, purchased items and quantities, discounts, delivery address, customer name, and purchase total.Retail-R-order-details-ecom.png 

From the order details page, you can buy shipping labels and add tracking numbers to an order. 

Changing order status in eCom (E-Series)

In eCom, you can change the payment and delivery status of orders. Once you mark an order as Paid in eCom, the record of the sale will sync to Retail POS. 

  1. Navigate to eCom (E-Series) using the dropdown in Retail POS.
  2. Click My Sales > Orders.
  3. Find the order you want to update and click the payment or order status to change it.Retail-R-ecom-payment-status.png

Order fulfillments must be managed in eCom (E-Series) by clicking on the order status dropdown. Retail-R-ecom-fulfillment-status.png

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