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Syncing products between Retail POS (R-Series) and eCom (E-Series)

After you complete your eCom (E-Series) registration, your inventory is automatically synced from your Retail POS to your eCom (E-Series) dashboard. If you have signed up for the Lightspeed Business plan you can sync up to 5,000 products. If you have signed up for the Lightspeed Unlimited plan, you can sync an unlimited number of products.

Products and product variants are counted individually. For example, if you sell a jacket that is available in three sizes and two colors, then eCom (E-Series) will consider them as six individual products.

Although there is no limit to the number of products you can sync with an unlimited plan, if you upload 70,000 products, you’ll need to contact Lightspeed support before you can add any additional products.

Archiving a product in Retail POS will remove it completely from eCom (E-Series). This will cause all product information in eCom (E-Series) to be lost.

Product information that syncs between Retail POS and the eCom (E-Series)

The product sync between Retail POS and the eCom (E-Series) is bi-directional. Product information edited on either platform will sync through to the other.

Retail Item Property eCom (E-Series) Product equivalent









Attribute Values

Option Values

Active/ Inactive

Product Availability


Quantity in Stock

Online Price




*Images only sync one-way from Retail POS to eCom (E-Series) and must be managed in Retail POS. Images added to products in eCom (E-Series) will result in differing images and will automatically be overridden when updated in Retail POS.

Product information that does not sync between Retail POS and the eCom (E-Series)

Item tags, vendor information, and inventory defaults, such as vendor, reorder points, and desired inventory levels, do not sync from Retail POS to eCom (E-Series) and must be manually added and managed in eCom (E-Series). 

Getting started with synced products

Follow the instructions to locate your synced products in your eCom (E-Series) dashboard:

  1. In Retail POS, click on the drop-down and select eCom (E-Series)

  2. On your eCom (E-Series) dashboard, click Catalog > Products.

By default, items synced from your Retail POS inventory are disabled in your eCom (E-Series) dashboard, so your products need to be enabled before they will appear online. You can enable products individually or in bulk. The ability to enable or disable products on your eCom (E-Series) dashboard is useful if you sell products in-store that you don’t sell online.


Syncing product prices

By default, your Retail POS assigns a product’s default retail price as its online price. However, if your product has a different in-store price, you can:

  • Manually change the Online product price in your Retail POS. This Online price will then sync to your eCom dashboard, without changing the default Retail POS price.
  • Change the price in eCom (E-Series) and the updated price will sync back to the Online price in your Retail POS.

Syncing product images

Product images sync from Retail POS to eCom (E-Series), but not from eCom (E-Series) to Retail POS. This means any product image changes in eCom (E-Series), will not carry through to Retail POS. There are some important differences between using product images in Retail POS and in eCom (E-Series):

  • A simple product in your Retail POS can have 12 images assigned to it. A simple product in eCom (E-Series) can have an unlimited number of images assigned to the main product. 
  • A matrix product in Retail POS can have 12 images assigned to each variant, and 12 images assigned to the “Matrix Master” product. A variation in eCom (E-Series) can only have one image assigned to the product, chosen from the “unlimited” images attached to the parent product.

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