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Reporting with Lightspeed Payments

The Transactions and Payouts report is an interactive record of all transactions processed through Lightspeed Payments in your Retail account.

Accessing your Lightspeed Payments reports

To access the Lightspeed Payments merchant portal, click Financial Services in the side navigation menu of Lightspeed Retail.

You can configure who has access to this report by managing your employee permissions. For more information on configuring employee roles and user permissions, see our article Adding and editing employee roles.

Currently, this feature is available in select accounts. If you are still using the Lightspeed Legacy reports, please see our articles on the legacy Card Sales and Payouts reports.

Understanding the Overview tab

The Overview tab displays your current balance and last payout amounts, as well as a quick overview of your most recent payments and payouts.

Image displays the Lightspeed Payments Overview tab in Lightspeed Restaurant. There are five visible tiles, named Processing Balance, Last Payout, Payments, Payouts, and Account.


Under the Payments tile, the five most recent transactions are displayed. These detail the transaction status, transaction amount, and the date and time of the transaction.

To view a list of all transactions, click View all payments. You can also navigate to the payments page at any time using the Payments tab.


Under the Payouts tile, the five most recent settlements are displayed. These detail the payout status, payout amount, and the payout date.

To view a list of all settlements, click View all payouts. You can also navigate to the payouts page at any time using the Payouts tab.


The Account overview section details your processing status and account information. Here you can see your company name, as well as the processing and payout status of your Lightspeed Payments Account.

Understanding the Payments tab

The Payments tab is divided into two sections, Net sales overview and the Payments report. The Net sales overview displays an overview of your payment totals, including net sales, payments, refunds, and processing fees over a designated period. The Payments report lists all payments processed with Lightspeed Payments.

Image displays the Payments report in Lightspeed Restaurant.

Net sales overview

The Net sales overview totals your net sales over a designated period. To calculate the net sales amount, the report deducts all refunds and processing fees from the total amount of payments received. By default, the Net sales overview will display today’s payments.


The Payments report lists all payments processed with Lightspeed Payments, including successful transactions, refunds, and failed or canceled payments.

Searching for transactions

  1. Use the search field to find specific transactions. Searchable information includes the last four digits of the card used, the amount of the transaction, and the Order ID.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Optional: Sort transactions by date by clicking the Date column header.
  4. Optional: Click Filters to narrow your search results further by date, channel, payment type or payment status.

Understanding the Payouts tab

The Payouts tab displays a list of all payouts. These can be filtered by date using the Filter drop-down and sorted by clicking Date created or Amount to toggle in descending or ascending order.

Image displays the Payouts report in Lightspeed Restaurant. This report details all payouts received in a given time period.

To view additional information about a specific payout, click on the hyperlinked date and time. This includes the full payment amount, the processing fees, and the payment reference.

The detailed view of a payout breaks down an individual settlement into payments received, refunds processed, and processing fees.

Accessing information about Lightspeed Capital

The Lightspeed Payments merchant portal also houses all information regarding any current Lightspeed Capital advances or offers you may be eligible for.

Understanding the Documents tab

The Documents tab contains a list of all fee statements by month. Here you can download each fee statement by clicking the corresponding Download button.

Image displays the Documents tab of Lightspeed Payments.

Exporting Lightspeed Payments data

With the Lightspeed Payments Transaction and Payouts report, you can export your data as a CSV for simple record keeping. 

Exporting the payments report saves a CSV file of your data on to your local device.

  1. Click Export.
  2. Select the date range of transactions to export.
  3. Select which columns you want to export.
  4. Select if you would like to Apply status and search filters to this export.
  5. Click Export.

When exporting, you can configure what data is saved.

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