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Lightspeed Analytics Enterprise reports allow you to view details of your entire enterprise in one place. You can now compare data for your business, company by company/store by store, using one simple login! All Retail POS account IDs added to the Analytics account are included in the multi-shop store drop-down in the report field. You can filter results using this option to see store-based data.

Analytics includes many reports that are pre-built and ready to use. These reports are divided into three categories:

To access these reports, click the Reports icon on the left-side menu of the page when signed in to Analytics Enterprise. Here you’ll find a single-source location for all your reporting needs.


There is a detailed description of some reports by accessing the in-app documentation. To do so, click Help in the bottom left-hand corner of Analytics, followed by Documentation. There is also a link to Analytics help videos.

The documentation page contains information on several types of reports.

Sales and inventory

  • Cost, Profit, Discounts - View a snapshot of your enterprise's costs, profits and discounts by week.
  • Dusty Inventory - Monitor dusty inventory at each company within your enterprise
    so that you can optimize your inventory strategy.
  • GMROI by Top Level Category - See how much profit you made on each dollar invested in inventory across your enterprise.
  • On order - View items that are currently on order through purchase order or transfer at each company within your enterprise.
  • Payment Methods - View payment methods by company
  • Profit Year over Year - See how your monthly enterprise profits are trending by month. You can also compare the percentage profit difference from previous years.
  • Recent sales - Get a quick overview of your enterprise's daily revenue.
  • Recently out of stock with sales - Identify companies within your enterprise where products are selling well and need to be restocked.
  • Sales Year over Year -Compare your monthly enterprise sales and sales trends to previous years.
  • Low Stock Alerts - Shows products that are low in stock and the number of days until they’re estimated to sell out.


Customer Lifetime Value - View average customer lifetime value by company to see which businesses are getting the most from repeat customers.

Employee performance

Customer Capture Rate - Compare how effectively each company within your enterprise is capturing customer information at the time of a sale.

Report features

Analytics Enterprise includes these report features:

  • Favorite reports: click the star beside any report to add it to your Favorite reports list for quick and easy access 
  • Suggest report ideas: submit suggestions for a business problem are you trying to solve, including what types of fields and filters you require
  • Create custom report: use the drop-down menu to choose a base report type
  • All reports: using the dropdown menu, filter reports by category, type, or creator, or choose from specific tabs: All, Sales and inventory, Employee performance, and Marketing 
  • Sort reports by name, category, date created, or creator

Learn more about Analytics Enterprise in the next article, Saving and downloading reports.

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