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Introduction to table calculations

Table calculations are one of the most powerful tools you have when it comes to building personalized reports in Lightspeed Analytics

Some of the benefits:

  • They can help with custom sorting. This highlights areas in your Retail POS activity that you want to focus on.
  • They can help prepare custom visualizations. This displays activity in Retail POS in a quick and meaningful way. 
  • They can help do the math and logical problems for you.
  • They can help prepare data for more in-depth analysis, exporting to spreadsheet software, or other analytic programs.

The language of calculations starts simply and can get quite sophisticated, depending on your comfort level. (More advanced Retail POS users may be interested in learning about Looker functions and operators.)

Where to find calculations

  • Custom fields > Add> Table calculation
  • Enter table calculation and click Save
  • Displays as a green column in the data

What calculations do

  • Read dimensions, measures, and table positions
  • Read data that is on the table
  • Return simple numbers, text, lists, and dates
  • Sort (most cases when row count is complete)

What calculations don’t do

  • Pivot/filter data (although we can hide “no” from visualizations)
  • Read data that is not on the table
  • Read other data sources

Calculation errors

  • Error in calculation syntax
  • Data removed from the table
  • Error in leading calculation
  • Clues in the calculation editor

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