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Historical Asset Inventory report

You can view a historic level of inventory reported through Analytics, using the Historical Asset Inventory report. This report can be accessed through all full Analytics accounts.

Accessing Historical Asset Inventory

Navigate to the Reports page in Lightspeed Analytics. Type part or all of the report title to find it easily using the search function. The Historical Asset Inventory report is in the Sales and Inventory section listed under the Creator Lightspeed:


Running the report

Like the Retail Asset History report, Historical Asset Inventory can report on one specific day's end of inventory levels. To populate the report, open the report's filters:


Using the Item Inventory Date filter, select the date you wish to report on.


Click the blue button in the top right to run the report:


This returns the current active items' historic quantity and total cost per store:


Which items are included in the report?

  • By default, the report is filtered to current active products that existed on the selected date.
  • To see all products that existed on that date, change the filter from Include archive is equal to no to Include archive is equal to yes.
  • Items that hadn't been created by the selected date cannot be added to the report.

What version of the product's details are reported?

The item details, description, IDs, categories, etc. are their most recent renderings, not their renderings on the selected date. For example, an item that was initially named "Zebra Haworthia Plant" on the selected date but was later updated to "Zebra Haworthia" will appear as "Zebra Haworthia" in this report. 

What else can we do with the report?

The new report still allows you to prepare other insights that Analytics offers, for example:

  • Pivoting by store
  • Adding totals or visualized subtotals
  • Re-organizing data in the report with custom dimensions


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