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Data sets (Explores)

There are many different data sets built into Analytics that source different data endpoints from Retail. Looker calls these different data sets Explores. Whenever we think about building a custom report, it's good to know what reports we should begin with.

Here are some of the basic reports and the data that you will find in them.

Sales and inventory reports


Basis of Sales Year over Year, Profit Year over Year, Recent Sales, Margin Alerts, Misc Sales, and the report listed as Create New.

  • Included details: customer, item, multi-shop, sale, sale line
  • Not included: payments, taxes, item metrics (aging), products that did not sell


Basis of Dusty Inventory, Low Stock Alerts, Uncounted Old, Recently Out of Stock, Turns, Low Stock Alerts, GMROI, Uncategorized Inventory.

  • Included details: item, item metrics, multi-shop, sale line measures, and filters
  • Not included: customers, employees, payments, taxes, non-inventoried sales


Basis of Sale Payments.

  • Included details: customer, multi-shop, sale, employee, sale line
  • Not included: items, item metrics, taxes


Basis of Tax Collected.

  • Included details: customer, multi-shop, sale, sale line
  • Not included: item, payment method


Basis of On Order.

  • Included details: item, order, multi-shop
  • Not included: customer, sales, sales line

Sell Through

Basis of Sell Through.

  • Included details: item, item metrics, multi-shop, sell through
  • Not included: customer, employee, sales line

Serialized Sales

Basis of Serialized Items.

  • Included details: customer, sale, sale line, multi-shop, item, serial numbers, color, size
  • Not included: inventory quantity, payment method

Historical Asset Inventory

Basis of Historical Asset Inventory.

  • Included details: items, stores, quantity on hand for one date
  • Not included: sales, orders, transfers, employees

Employee Performance

Employee Performance

Basis of Employee Team Performance, Employee Individual Performance.

  • Included details: employee, sale line employee, sale line, multi-shop
  • Not included: customer, items, item metrics

Customer Capture Rate

Basis of Employee Capture Rate.

  • Included details: Sale, Sale Line, Multi-Shop, Employee, Item filters, Capture Rate
  • Not included: Item Dimensions, Item Metrics, Customers

Sales by Hour

Basis of Sales by Hour of Day.

  • Included details: Hour of Day, Multi-Shop filter, Sales date filter
  • Not included: Items, Item Metrics, Customers, Employees, Sale, Sale Line

Work orders

Basis of Ticket Writers Performance, Parts vs. Labor.

  • Included details: multi-shop filter, work order, work order employee, tax class
  • Not included: items, item metrics, customers, work order line employees, sale

Work order Lines

Basis of Service Employee Performance.

  • Included details: employee, employee timeclock hours, multi-shop, work order line
  • Not included: customer, sale, item dimensions

Employee Discounts

Basis of Discounts per Employee.

  • Included details: sale line, sale line employee, multi-shop
  • Not included: customer, item dimensions, item metrics


Commonly Bought Together

Basis of Commonly Bought Together.

  • Included details: sale, items (sale lines), multi-shop
  • Not included: customers, employees, item metrics

Targeted Marketing

Basis of Targeted Marketing by Product.

  • Included details: customer, item (sale line), sale date (sale line completed)
  • Not included: employee, multi-shop, date dimensions

Customer Lifetime Value

Basis of Customer Lifetime Value.

  • Included details: customer, first employee with customer, item, multi-shop, sale, sale line
  • Not included: item metrics, employee

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