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Release notes for May 23 - Jun 3

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) web

New: Merchants can now enable multi-factor authentication (MFA), which is available under employee login preferences. Here is the Help Center article on MFA.

New: You now have the ability to filter sales from external channels (based on whether the external channel leverages the referenceNumberSource field in the API) to three R-Series reports:

  • Lines
  • Sales by category
  • All transactions

Improved: Two new user permissions were added to better control the sale of serialized items:

  • Without a specified permission, a user cannot create a serial number for a serialized item at the moment of checkout.
  • Without a specified permission, a user cannot complete a sale without selecting a serial number to assign to a serialized item.

Improved: You can now increase the maximum font size that can be used when creating a custom label in the Label Editor.

Resolved: FIFO costs in Price Rules were pulling First Ever Cost rather than the current First Available Cost in the specified location. This now works as expected.

Resolved: Printing work orders on Windows when the scaling is above 125% now works correctly.

Resolved: Various display and printing issues discovered during the Label Editor Beta period are now resolved.

Lightspeed eCom (C-Series)

Improved: Merchants can now expect quantity on hand (QOH) for specific items to sync from R-Series to C-Series. 

Resolved: Bulk redemption of gift cards now works as expected. Occasionally, bulk redemption led to the gift card balance reduction not being attributed to a sale.

Lightspeed Loyalty

New: For merchants who use Loyalty and the Retail (R-Series) web POS, there is now an enhanced Loyalty registration screen to include a customer’s email address (optional). The email address is displayed if a merchant adds a customer’s email to their Retail profile. It is also important that merchants get email consent in Retail before finishing a Loyalty registration.

Resolved: You can now expect VIP notifications to work as designed. Previously, there was an issue with sending notifications by SMS when customers become eligible for this reward.

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