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Release notes for May 9 - May 20

Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) web

New: Merchants can now customize their printed product labels using the in-app Label Editor.

New: We added a new permission to better control transfer visibility, limiting the user to creating transfers exclusively in locations they have access to.

Improved: We removed the ability for users to create transfers in circumstances where they neither have access to both the To and From shop locations.

Improved: We improved the import tool to always update an item's timestamp when modifying certain fields such as Category and Tags. Now all changes to an item, when done through the import tool, update the timestamp.

Improved: All employee drop-down lists are now limited exclusively to employees who share access to the same shop(s) as a user, rather than showing the entire employee list at all times.

Improved: Due to some performance issues under certain circumstances, we disabled sorting on QOH and Pricing in the Item search listing. We will evaluate restoring this feature at a later date.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where SKUs were cut off when a price was set to "hidden" on a label.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where purchase orders generated through a master order would not correctly record the “Created by” employee.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where under certain circumstances, users weren’t able to redeem gift cards when using an iPad for register actions.

Lightspeed eCom (C-Series)

Improved: The new checkout is now compatible with the Klarna Payments app.

Improved: We removed the in-app changelog in favor of the release notes section here in the Help Center.

Lightspeed Loyalty

New: For merchants who use our automated notifications (text/email), which trigger when enabling campaigns on the Manage Campaign screen, we added additional logic to ensure that a description and URL link to the merchant’s web app is available for all notifications.

Resolved: We fixed an issue where customers who were not in a merchant-configured group were receiving rewards that were only applicable to another group.

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