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Setting up payment processing with Cayan's Verifone e285 terminal

Set up an EMV-enabled Verifone e285 payment terminal for Cayan integrated payment processing in Lightspeed Retail.

NOTE: Click here for instructions on how to set up the Verifone e285 payment terminal for use with the Lightspeed Retail POS app.

The main setup steps are:

  1. Obtain your POS credentials from Cayan.
  2. Set Cayan as the payment gateway in Lightspeed Retail.
  3. Install the Cayan certificate on your computer's browser.
  4. Charge and power on the payment terminal.
  5. Connect the terminal to the network and get the IP address.
  6. Add the terminal in Lightspeed Retail.

1. Obtain your POS credentials from Cayan

To configure Cayan as a payment gateway in Lightspeed Retail, you need to obtain your POS credentials from Cayan. Your credentials would have been sent to you by Cayan via e-mail, typically. If you don't have this information on hand, please contact Cayan.

Cayan POS Credentials
Transaction Key
Site ID

2. Set Cayan as the payment gateway in Lightspeed Retail

  1. From the Main Menu, click Settings > Payment Processing.
  2. Click Add Payment Gateway. 
  3. Select Cayan from the Gateway drop-down list.
  4. In the Configuration Name field, type in what you would like this gateway to be called. 
  5. Under Gateway Credentials, enter your Name, Transaction Key, and Site ID you received from Cayan (see 1. Obtain your POS credentials from Cayan).

    NOTE: We recommend copying and pasting your credentials. Your credentials are case and special character sensitive, so you will also want to verify that there are no leading or trailing spaces in the fields.

  6. If you have a multi-store account, under Select Shops, select all the stores that you want to apply the gateway to.
  7. Under Security Options, enable Allow Credits if you want to be able to make a refund to a credit or debit card if a customer doesn't have a sales invoice.

    NOTE: When you do this type of refund, you must swipe the card for the refund to take effect. Manually entering credit or debit card numbers is not supported.

  8. Under Credit Card Payment Mapping, for each of the credit and debit card types, select how the corresponding card type will appear on invoices and sales reports. For example, if you created a custom Visa payment type, selecting it from the Visa list will mark all Visa sales as "Visa". If you wish to change the names for cards in Credit Card Payment Mapping, you can set up the credit card payment types in Settings > Payment Types.
  9. Click Save.


3. Install the Cayan certificate on your computer's browser

Install the Cayan security certificate on your computer's Firefox or Chrome browser so that Lightspeed Retail can communicate with the payment terminal. Install the certificate on every computer that you use for processing Lightspeed Retail sales. Depending on your browser and operating system, the steps involved will differ:

Firefox (MAC and Windows)

The steps below are compatible with both MAC and Windows.

  1. Open your Firefox browser.
  2. Download the security certificate here.
  3. From the new window, select Trust this CA to identify websites.
  4. Click OK.


Chrome (MAC)

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Download the security certificate here.
  3. From the bottom left-hand corner of your browser window, click the Cayan.crt file.
  4. From your Keychain Access application, go to the login section in the left-hand menu.
  5. Double-click the Cayan certificate.
  6. From the new Cayan window, click the Trust drop-down.
  7. From the When using this certificate drop-down menu, select Always Trust.
  8. Close the Cayan window.
  9. If prompted, enter your computer username's password.
  10. Click Update Settings.


Chrome (Windows)

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Download the security certificate here.
  3. From the bottom left-hand corner of your browser window:
    • Click Keep.
    • Click the Cayan.crt file.
  4. From the new window, click Open.
  5. From the Certificate window, click Install certificate...
  6. From the Certificate Import Wizard windowclick Next Next Finish OK.


4. Charge and power on the payment terminal

The terminal will need to be fully charged and updated before it can be added to your Lightspeed account.

  1. To charge the terminal, plug the provided USB charging cable into the terminal and a power source. For best results, it is recommended that the cable is plugged into a dedicated charging block directly into a wall outlet. Upon first use, the terminal will need to charge for at least 4 hours. 
  2. If the terminal does not power on automatically when plugged in, hold the green circle button until the display turns on.

    Note: To power the terminal off, press and hold the red X button until the display turns off. 

5. Connect the terminal to the network and get the IP address 

In order to connect your terminal with your Lightspeed account, you'll need to make sure it's connected to your network via wifi.

  1. From the home screen, press 1,5, and on the keypad at the same time.
  2. Tap Supervisor.
  3. Enter the default password: 1166832.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Tap Administration Communications.
  6. Tap WiFi > WiFi Scan. If your Genius e285’s WiFi is turned off, the e285 will prompt you to turn on its WiFi.
  7. Tap the network you wish to connect to. If successful, your device notifies you that it has saved the network. If unsuccessful, check that you are in range of your router.
  8. Tap OK and then press the cancel button.
  9. Tap WiFi Configuration.
  10. In the PSK field, enter your wifi password using the number pad. Press the key associated with the letter you want to enter repeatedly until the desired letter is displayed.
    To switch between letters, numbers, and special characters, press the # button to cycle through "input modes." The current mode will show on the screen top left corner.
    123: This mode will enter numbers when you hit the keys
    abc: This mode will enter lower case letters (and 0 will enter special characters). Pressing 0 multiple times will cycle through the special character options (such as - / \ + # ! and .). 
    Note: this is how you add spaces as well.  
    ABC: This mode will enter upper case characters (0 does nothing).
  11. Press the enter button to save the network password.
  12. Press the cancel button to return to the Wifi menu.
  13. Continue to press the cancel button until you have returned to the main menu

  14. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap run applications to launch the terminal's software.

The terminal may make a maintenance call to update its software. During this process, the display may turn on and off several times. The update process can take 10-20 minutes.

6. Add the terminal in Lightspeed Retail

Once the terminal has finished booting, you'll need to pair it with your account. The pairing process will require information that can be found on the terminal's admin page.

To access the admin page:

  1. Press 000 on the number pad.
  2. Enter the password 9416557
  3. Press the green confirmation button or tap Ok on the touch screen.

The admin overview page will display the terminal's IP address. Take note of this address as we'll need it later. Press the red cancel button to return to the idle screen.

Next, you'll need to add the terminal in Lightspeed Retail.


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