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Release notes for Feb 14 - Feb 25

Lightspeed Retail POS (Web)

Update: We added additional information to the layaways report export to include SKU and sale ID information.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where adding a customer after adding an item in a tax-inclusive environment didn’t recalculate taxes correctly.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where exporting price rules didn’t include prices and cost information past 100 lines.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where the incorrect strike price was printed on receipts when prices were calculated in a price rule.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where the incorrect subtotal was calculated on receipts when discounted prices were generated by a price rule.

Lightspeed eCom

Bug fix: We fixed an issue that occurred for Omni shops when sales made in C-Series omitted the gift card payment when recording the corresponding transaction in R-Series when a gift card was used alongside another payment.

Bug fix: We now only sync gift cards on orders from C-Series to R-Series when all gift cards are invoiced.

Lightspeed Loyalty

Bug fix: Our white-label web app, which can be customized for every merchant, had an issue. When a customer clicked on the Apple Wallet button, it was not allowing for the customer to add that merchant’s loyalty identity to their wallet. We have resolved the issue and all customers can now download it to their wallet.

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