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Release notes for Jan 31 - Feb 11

Lightspeed Retail POS (Web)

Update: We changed the layout of the denomination keys in the WebPOS checkout in order to standardize the layout across all different currency types.

Update: We improved the All Transactions report and export to include the long date format instead of the short date format.

Update: We implemented a new flow for using and linking/unlinking Google Accounts to sign in to Retail POS.

Bug fix: We fixed a spacing issue on receipt templates introduced during a previous release.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with the Star TSP100 series printers where the cash drawer wouldn’t open when using a secondary cash drawer.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where work order printouts showed tax-exclusive pricing in tax-inclusive accounts.

Bug fix: We fixed a longstanding issue where Hub-connected devices alternated between connected and disconnected states when the user switched browser tabs after printing a receipt.

Lightspeed eCom

Update: We improved the order and invoice display when gift cards are redeemed.

Update: We added the product series name to the eCom Help modal.

Update: We added a release notes link to the eCom Help modal.

Bug fix: We now allow a gift card balance transfer until the balance has reached $0.00.

Bug fix: We resolved a scenario where gift card only sales were not recorded in Retail POS.

Bug fix: We now allow re-trying payments when purchasing gift cards online.

Lightspeed Analytics

Bug fix: We’ve fixed the home dashboard location filter to handle shop names with hyphenated names or special characters.

Lightspeed Loyalty

Update: We partnered with a new URL shortening service for our automated SMS notifications that are sent from the Lightspeed Loyalty platform to your customers. The new service is more robust and dependable. The only difference you’ll notice is that URLs in your new SMS messages will look like this https://l.loyalty.io instead of this https://go.loyalty.io. Don’t worry, though—all of the old links sent in older SMS messages will continue to work as expected.

Update: We removed a banner message from the top of the Loyalty Dashboard that indicated that certain merchants could use the SMS feature if they removed certain keywords from their business name. This is no longer the case given the North American guidelines and regulations for using SMS marketing.

Update: We added a banner message on the Send Basic Email page that indicates that certain merchants will only be able to use email features moving forward due to guidelines and regulatory compliance on the use of SMS in North America for tobacco, vape, CBD, cannabis, or marijuana merchants.

Update: We have disabled the Send SMS Marketing feature for merchants who sell tobacco, vape, CBD, cannabis, or marijuana products. For more information as to why and documentation you can review to explain this decision, please refer to our Help Centre.

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