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Release notes from Dec 20 - Dec 31

Lightspeed eCom

Update: We updated the PostNL integration to respect changes to delivery services offered to Belgium starting January 2022.

Update: We now allow for the product content fields to be added to data feeds, with limited HTML markup (supported HTML tags: strong, p, em, ul, ol, li, br, sub, sup, div, span, dl, dt, dd).

Bug fix: We resolved rounding issues on printed tax-inclusive invoices.

Bug fix: We resolved rounding differences between order totals on printed receipts and the displayed order total in the back office.

Bug fix: We resolved an issue where the variant order position was not displayed in the .ajax version of product pages. We now display the variant position and the variant image ID.

Bug fix: We removed expired/inactive webshops from displaying in the list of webshops a user can access.

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