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Release notes for Jan 3 - Jan 14

Lightspeed eCom

Update: Due to a policy update by Facebook, the Facebook login for customers will not be available as of January 31st.

Lightspeed Retail POS (Web)

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where scanning IDs on a Windows computer returned an error.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where breadcrumbs in work orders didn’t return to the previous page.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with costs when editing items in quick edit items.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where the wrong employee name was printed on a special order or layaway.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where enabling a credit limit on a customer’s profile reset their contact consent checkbox.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with label printing where the currency didn’t reflect the account currency when printing prices without cents.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where printing the vendor return packing slip didn’t include the correct vendor ID.

Lightspeed Loyalty

Update: We updated our support email address, which can be found on the Loyalty Dashboard home page, for merchants who have our loyalty native app package. The new support address is reupsupport@lightspeedhq.com.

Update: We added better logic to our SMS opt-out feature so that we can capture all customer opt-outs driven from a customer sending STOP to an automated or marketing message.

Bug fix: We improved the validation logic within the Loyalty Dashboard to ensure that duplicate phone numbers can’t be added during customer enrollment.

Bug fix: We updated the logic within the Export All Customers and Export Customer Data .csv exports to properly represent the SMS opt-out status for each customer. This helps merchants better understand which customers they can communicate with.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with our customer import process where customers with only an email address in Loyalty were duplicated when the same address was used for a customer enrollment in the POS.

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