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Why can’t I link my Lightspeed account?

To link your Lightspeed account, the Linked accounts option must be listed when you select the name of your Lightspeed product from the main menu. If the Linked accounts option isn’t listed, it could be because third-party cookies are blocked in your browser settings. Alternatively, the lightpeed.app domain could be blocked in your firewall settings. Troubleshooting these issues involves a few simple steps:


  1. Allow third-party cookies in your browser settings. To learn how, please see the instruction associated with your web browser:
    • Safari

    • Mozilla Firefox

    • Google Chrome

      Note: If you’re using a Lightspeed product in Chrome’s Incognito mode, please make sure to also disable the Block third-party cookies toggle. It’s located at the bottom of the page when you open a new Incognito window. It’s generally enabled by default.
  2. Allow the lightspeed.app domain your firewall settings. Not sure how? Your IT Specialist can help you.


 If you complete these simple steps, you’ll be able to link your Lightspeed accounts and switch seamlessly between Lightspeed products. You’ll also be ready for future features we have in the works—stay tuned!


Note: The Lightspeed products you can currently link are Lightspeed Retail POS, Lightspeed eCom and Lightspeed Golf.

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