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Release notes from Nov 1 – Dec 3

Lightspeed Retail POS (Web)

Update: We added a search field to the price rules item lists.

Update: We enhanced the price rules page by adding an item search field to help users find specific items in specific price rules.

Update: We enhanced the purchase order printout to include the manufacturer SKU and updated the vendor cost from the Vendor IDs tab to ensure it does not update the default cost in the item details tab. Merchants can now see if a transfer is partially received, and the user can also have multiple vendor costs for an item.

Update: We enhanced partially received transfers by introducing a new column in the transfer listing where users can see the quantity of inventory that is remaining in transit.

Update: We enhanced the customer facing display (CFD) functionality, so it's now possible to use CFD for entering customer data such as name, email, phone number and ZIP code.

Bug fix: We fixed the following for new gift cards:

  • Transferred Omni gift cards are not usable in a sale, but can be searched in Customers section.
  • Removed duplicated OMNI_GC prefix.
  • Ensured that all legacy gift cards migrated are now searchable in new gift cards.
  • Gift card balances were not appearing when the card was scanned for UPC-A/EAN-13 compliant gift cards.

Bug fix: We fixed the following for work orders:

  • Merchants were not able to access the internal notes of completed work orders without exporting the lines report.
  • Internal notes weren’t showing when printing workorder tags using the customizable work orders template.
  • Work order notes were omitting special characters when saved.
    Internal notes were not showing on work order tags.

Bug fix: We fixed the following LS hub issues:

  • UPC barcodes with leading zeroes printed from Hub omitted the leading zero from the barcode when scanned.
  • The printed items in the label print queue only toggled on after refreshing the page.
  • There was an error getting the receipt printer model when using the vendor driver on Windows.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with the Retail API where our rate limit scheduling was inadvertently shifted by 8 hours from GMT -4 to GMT +3. We reset our rate limit scheduling to the correct times, allowing base API users to benefit from the following API rates/bucket sizes:


Bug fix: We fixed the following items in our partner API:

  • The retail API rate limit schedule now changes at GMT +3 instead of GMT-4.
  • Sales and refunds didn’t always use an item's average cost and instead used the price.

Bug fix: We fixed labor tax class items erroneously set as item tax class when added to work orders.

Bug fix: We fixed the selected register from switching between devices.

Bug fix: We fixed auto-add all in purchase orders for specific brands generating an error when items are missing in vendor IDs.

Bug fix: We fixed item search that provided multiple results even when exact SKU match was entered.

Bug fix: We fixed voiding a refund of a special order sale causing negative inventory, making it impossible to adjust the item's inventory.

Bug fix: We fixed an intermittent issue of the Verify PIN login screen not validating the PIN correctly, and signing in as the previous employee.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where the wrong employee name was written on printed special order slips. Now, the employee who created the special order has their name printed, rather than the employee doing the printing.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where the user updated an item’s vendor cost in the Vendor ID tab of an item, and the default cost was not updated accordingly when required.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where users couldn’t save multiple vendor item costs.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with the special order/layaway receipt so that the correct employee name prints on the receipt.

Bug fix: We fixed a user permission issue so that users are not limited to one shop location in multi-shop environments.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue when using the multi-currency option in vendor management that all general options were reset after clicking Manage.

Bug fix: We fixed the purchase order import file template link.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue where all general options were reset when navigating to the manage page of a multi-currency vendor.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with the Hub where the offscreen renderer window was destroyed inadvertently and not re-created automatically.

Lightspeed Retail POS (iOS)

Update: Merchants can control the text size and match the size that iOS has in accessibility settings.

Update: POS mode now shows more customer details.

Bug fix: We fixed the Verifone P400 terminal disconnection after upgrading to version 3.11.

Lightspeed eCom

Bug fix: We fixed the following for new gift cards:

  • Merchants are now able to create gift cards online using eCom.
  • A first-time “access restricted” gift card limitation no longer exists.
  • Enabling eCom gift card in Retail wasn’t adding a gift card feature in eCom.

Bug fix: We fixed the following for the new checkout:

  • Translations are now supported.
  • Shipstation duplicated USPS priority mail service.
  • Web statistics were not loading.
  • Free shipping minimum (for manual methods) calculation based on order total (including tax) in NoAm resolved.
  • Single items that were showing the variant title Default now show the correct variant title.
  • Tax override was applied to all products when selecting a group of items with a filter.

Bug fix: We released a new option to allow an order with Awaiting Payment status and its temporary product reservation under Settings > Advanced. 

Bug fix: We fixed Facebook login for users.

Bug fix: The Stripe payment method didn’t send customer billing information.

Bug fix: Transactions for Mollie credit card payments were not working and produced an error.

Bug fix: We fixed email notifications sent to Deutsche Telekom addresses (t-online.de), so they are no longer blocked.

Bug fix: We fixed orders that weren't automatically marked as paid for Sofort banking users.

Lightspeed Analytics

Bug fix: We fixed the option to choose a base report in Analytics.

Lightspeed Loyalty

Update: When new merchants in Canada, USA, or the UK are set up in Lightspeed Loyalty, we create a dedicated toll-free number for use with SMS marketing and automated notifications. This is an important part of ongoing compliance within the SMS industry.

Bug fix: We made two fixes to the customer onboarding tool, which our onboarding teams manage on behalf of our merchants: 

  • To correct the number line when an error is received.
  • To ensure that the Reset Transfer button is enabled.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with the customer export that was impacting customers with large numbers of customers.

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