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Lightspeed Analytics includes many reports that are pre-built and ready to use. These core reports are divided into three categories:

To access these reports, click the Reports icon on the left-side menu of the page when signed in to Lightspeed Analytics. Here you’ll find a single-source location for all your reporting needs.

There is a detailed description of each report by accessing the in-app documentation. To do so, click Help in the bottom left-hand corner of Analytics, followed by Documentation. There is also a link to our Analytics help videos.

The documentation page contains information on several types of reports.

Sales and inventory


Sales Year Over Year
Profit Year Over Year
Recent Sales
Sell Through


Dusty Inventory
Recently Out of Stock with Sales
Low Stock Alerts
Sell Through
Margin Alert
Uncategorized Inventory
Uncounted Old Inventory
Misc Sales
Historical Asset Inventory



Commonly Bought Together
Targeted Marketing by Product
Customer Lifetime Value

Employee performance


Team Performance
Individual Performance
Customer Capture Rate
Upsells Percentage
Sales by Hour of Day


Ticket Writers Performance, Parts vs Labor
Service Employee Performance

Report features

Go to the Reports section of Analytics to check out all the features available. Click the Reports icon on the left to get there:


Available features

  • Favorite reports: click the star beside any report to add it to your Favorite reports list for quick and easy access 
  • Create custom report dropdown menu with the option to choose a base report
  • All reports: using the dropdown menu, filter reports by category, type, or creator, or choose from specific tabs: All, Sales and inventory, Employee performance, and Marketing 
  • Sort reports by name, category, date created, or creator

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