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Release notes from Sep 1 – Sep 30

Lightspeed Retail POS (Web)

Update: We enhanced our API in the following ways:

  • Managed sales now include tips, if tipping is enabled in the account.
  • Users can now create custom price levels by duplicating an existing price level and renaming it.
  • Employees can be created through the API, along with the relevant basic information.
  • Custom matrix attribute sets can be created using the API.

Bug fix: Lightspeed Retail POS (iOS) app version 3.11.2 removes the need to update the application. This update resolves the following:

  • The need to scan items into transfers.
  • Purchase orders or inventory counts are not automatically added to transfers when using MFi-enabled scanners on iPads.

Bug fix: For Lightspeed Hub, we resolved the following issues:

  • The saving state of the price selection in the advanced label printing modal.
  • The description row was missing for small labels.
  • The application froze when printing a receipt on an Epson printer while asleep.
  • Inventory special orders weren't sorting by status chronologically.
  • Creating new items with vendor selection “none” allowed for adding a vendor.
  • Adding bulk items via transfer based on reorder only added items in stock, which prevented inter-store transfers from causing negative inventory when using the auto-reorder option.

Bug fix: For reports, we resolved the following issues:

  • The received report and end of day report’s payment type totals did not match and were rounding up received payment types by 1 cent.
  • Voided sales showed as “in progress” in the sales history report.
  • Inventory returned report reported on the incorrect date.
  • Inventory asset report incorrectly displayed default price and margin as 0 in tax-inclusive accounts.
  • Inventory asset report could not be opened on some tax-inclusive accounts.

Bug fix: We resolved the 100 location limitation on discount rules.

Bug fix: We resolved the intermittent issue of users having to log in twice.

Bug fix: We resolved the issue of tax-inclusive or retail accounts resulting in non-zero tax amount product rewards.

Lightspeed eCom

Update: You can now add multiple shops under the same domain name by using different subdomains without having to contact support.

Bug fix: We resolved an issue where newsletter double opt-in links were displaying the “.shoplightspeed” URLs.

Bug fix: We resolved an issue to make sure brands are now consistently displayed on the home page for themes with a featured brand selection.

Bug fix: We resolved an issue that prevented shop activity emails from going out.

Bug fix: We resolved an issue that prevented currency rates from upgrading hourly.

Bug fix: Pop-ups can now be closed while editing a theme. We sent these instructions to theme/app developers so that they can make pop-ups/overlays clickable inside the theme editor.

Bug fix: We resolved an issue where products with certain identifiers caused an error when opening the product page.

Bug fix: We resolved an issue for content templates where image assets loaded via an external URL didn’t display in the PDF for invoices, quotes/offers, and the package slips template.

Bug fix: We resolved an issue to ensure a correct shipping address when using the digital wallet as a payment method.

Bug fix: We resolved an issue to ensure Lightspeed Payments is available to all merchants that have selected this payment method.

Bug fix: We resolved an issue to correct Facebook login.

Bug Fix: We resolved an issue where matrices imported to Retail occasionally appeared as different items in eCom.

Lightspeed Loyalty

Update: Merchants can now choose the length of their time away campaigns.

Update: We improved our customer import process for new merchants who join Lightspeed Loyalty. The following are some of the improvements:

  • Removed non-numeric characters from the country code and phone number.
  • Leading country codes are added to the phone number only if they are not already part of the phone number.
  • Negative points are set to 0.
  • Duplicate email addresses, phone numbers, or gift cards are identified for resolution.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with the number of emails delivered when using the email marketing feature.

Bug fix: We fixed an issue with points multipliers for VIPs not showing correctly in the web app if the multiplier is not a whole number.

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