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Refunding sales to gift cards

Refunding a sale to a gift card is essentially the same as doing an exchange. It involves:

  • Adding the item(s) your customer wants to return to the REFUND tab
  • Adding a gift card of the same value to the SALE tab

Once you finish the sale, the SALE and REFUND tabs will balance out and the refund will be added to the gift card. To illustrate, here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. From the main menu, select Sales Refund.
  2. Scan your customer's receipt. Alternatively, find the original sale in the sales history view.
  3. In the REFUND tab, select Refund next to the item(s) your customer is returning.


  4. In the SALE tab, select Gift card.
  5. In the Custom amount field, enter the same amount as the refund.
  6. Optionally, scan or enter a gift card code and/or your customer's email address. The customer's name will appear under Gift card results so you can verify it's correct. Recharge appears next to this field so that you know it will refund the money to that gift card. (If it's a new gift card, it will say Create.) 
  7. If you entered an email address, select your customer's preferred language if it differs from the default.
  8. Select Add to sale.


  9. Select Payment. The register calculates the difference between the SALE and REFUND tabs. The Total amount will be $0.00 as the refund amount and gift card amount should balance out.


  10. Select Finish sale.

The sale is now officially refunded to the gift card. An email that includes the gift card code and the amount is also sent to your customer if you entered their email address during checkout.


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