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Transaction status report (Legacy)

The transaction status report lets you see the status of a specific transaction. This report is useful for:

  • determining whether or not a payment has gone through,
  • investigating claims of double-charging, and
  • confirming the status of a refund.

Select a date range (up to one year) to begin.

Note: The data displayed in the screenshots below is fictional data that has been artificially populated for testing purposes.


When reviewing the transaction status report, you can refine your search by applying the following filters:

  • status
  • card type
  • transaction Type
  • shop

You can also search for a specific transaction by entering the last 4 digits of the card used, the sale ID, or the dollar amount of the transaction into the search bar and clicking search.


The transaction status report will show you a list of all transactions that match your filters and date range and any search parameters you may have entered. For each transaction, you'll see:

  • the date and time the transaction took place
  • what kind of card was used
  • the last 4 digits of the card used
  • the status of the transaction
    • approved
    • error
    • declined
    • cancelled
  • the shop the transaction took place at, including whether the transaction was processed online or in-store
  • the sale ID
  • whether or not the transaction was a refund
  • the dollar amount of the transaction


Breakdown of a transaction

You can click on any transaction in the report to obtain more information about it.



Exporting your data

You can click the export button to export the data to a .csv file.

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