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Setting up the Mobile Tap (Chipper 2XBT) with Lightspeed Payments

The Mobile Tap is a small, portable, bluetooth card reader that empowers you to take card payments quickly and easily when paired with your iPad and Lightspeed Payments. It is capable of reading magstripe cards, EMV-enabled cards, and contactless NFC card tapping.

Mobile Tap is only available for Lightspeed Payments in the United States.

In the box

  • The Mobile Tap

  • Double-sided adhesive sticker

  • Micro USB charger cable

  • A lanyard that can connect to the Mobile Tap

  • A charging cradle


Physical setup

Fully charge your Mobile Tap before setting it up. The Mobile Tap comes with a micro USB cable which is used exclusively for charging the device. This cable cannot be used to establish a connection with your iPad. Charge the Mobile Tap for at least 3 hours before using it. Once fully charged, the Mobile Tap should last for:

  • 800 EMV transactions,
  • over 5000 magnetic card swipe transactions, or
  • over 1000 EMV contactless transactions

One charge should last you through the day, but you should recharge the device nightly to ensure uninterrupted use. 

Once charged, the Mobile Tap can be powered on by pressing and releasing the power button located on the side of the device. It can be manually turned off by pressing and holding the same power button until the status lights are off.

Status lights

The status light on the Mobile Tap will help you recognize when the Mobile Tap is in certain states. Some of the common status lights you're likely to see are:

  • No light: the reader is off.
  • Flashing blue every second: the reader is on and ready to be paired.
  • Solid blue light: the reader is on and connected.
  • Flashing blue every 5 seconds: the reader is in standby mode to conserve power.
  • Flashing red: the reader's battery is low and in need of recharging.
  • Alternating red and magenta: the battery is recharging.
  • Rapidly flashing blue and orangeThe reader has finished installing a software update. If the reader is unresponsive after the update completes, restart the reader by turning it off and on.

In addition to the status light (found near the power button), there are 4 NFC status indicator lights on the reader. When the first of these is lit, the reader is ready to accept payment via tap. When all 4 are lit and accompanied by an audible beep, the payment has been successfully accepted.

Pairing the Mobile Tap with your iPad

Before opening your Retail POS app, you'll need to ensure Bluetooth is enabled on the iPad and that the Retail POS app has been granted access to Bluetooth and location services. To do so:

  1. On the iPad, open Settings.
  2. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Toggle Bluetooth on, but do not pair the device.
  4. On the main Settings sidebar on the left, scroll down to the list of apps.
  5. Tap Retail POS.
  6. Under Allow Retail POS to access:
    • set Location to while using.
    • toggle Bluetooth on.


You can now open the Retail POS app and power on the Mobile Tap using the power button on its side. Once powered on, the Mobile Tap will wait for a Bluetooth connection to be established for 5 minutes before powering off. During this time, the status light will flash blue every second.

In the Lightspeed Retail POS app:

  1. Tap Payment Terminal.
  2. Tap Add a payment terminal.
  3. Select the BBPOS Chipper 2XBT from the list of available payment terminals.
  4. Enter a name for the terminal. This can be whatever you like.
  5. Ensure the Mobile Tap is still powered on and flashing a blue status light every second. If the status light is off, turn the Mobile Tap back on.
  6. Tap Add. Retail POS will search for available readers.
  7. Retail POS will display a list of any Mobile Taps in range. Select the desired Mobile Tap's serial number by tapping Tap to connect.
  8. Once the terminal is paired, Retail POS will display its name, status, and serial number. Tap Save.
  9. You should now see the name you gave the terminal with a blue check mark next to it, indicating that it is the active terminal, along with a green online status indication. The Mobile Tap itself should now show a solid blue status light. Tap Done.

You will then be returned to your profile screen, where you should see the name you've given your terminal as the active payment terminal along with a green Connected status indication.


You are now ready to accept payments with the Mobile Tap.

Updating the DNS settings of your network

It may be necessary to update your DNS settings on your retail device to create a more secure and reliable connection between your register and your Lightspeed Payments terminal. 

  1. On your iPad, navigate to iOS Settings.
  2. Tap W-Fi.
  3. Tap the information button on the network you are connected to.
  4. Tap Configure DNS. iOS
  5. Select Manual.
  6.  If there are any DNS server IP addresses listed already, remove them from this window.
  7. Click + to add the Google IPv4 addresses:
    • iOS
  8. Click OK > Apply.
  9. Restart your terminal and iPad to save changes.

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