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Viewing received and remaining items

You can use received inventory reports and sell-through percentages to improve your inventory management. Keep track of your inventory and how your products are selling.

Viewing received and remaining items

How to access the received items report, to review how much stock you've received and how much is still left for sale. 

  1. Login to your account and select Reports.
  2. Select Received under Inventory Reports.
    Reports page highlighting inventory received report
  3. Set the date range for the report.
  4. Click Search to generate the report.
    Inventory Received Report showing date range selection for reviewing stock

Analyzing sell-through percentages

Follow these steps to add and analyze sell-through percentages, a key metric for effective inventory tracking.

  1. Click export at the top right of the received report.
  2. Open the exported report with a spreadsheet program such as Google Sheets or Excel.
  3. Merge duplicate rows for accuracy.
    • Select the data range in Google Sheets that include any duplicates.
    • Go to Data > Data cleanup > Remove duplicates.
    • In the pop-up, ensure 'Data has header row' is checked if applicable, and select the columns to check for duplicates.
    • Click Remove duplicates. Google Sheets will merge duplicate rows and sum their quantities.
  4. Add a new column titled "Sell-Through %".
  5. Ensure column "B" contains received quantities and "C" contains remaining quantities. Or adjust the formula in the next step according to which column they are in.
  6. In the first cell under this new column, enter the formula =100%-(C2/B2) and press Enter to save it.
  7. Drag the fill handle down from the corner of the cell to replicate the formula for all items in your list.
    Spreadsheet with inventory listed and a column calculating sell-through percentages highlighted
  8. Select the "Sell-Through %" column, right-click, choose 'Format Cells', and then select 'Percentage'.
    Dropdown menu in a spreadsheet to format cells with options including percentage

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