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Setting employee permissions about register rules (beta)

Beta disclaimer: At this time, the register rules feature is only available to certain merchants as it's currently in closed beta.


There are two employee permissions about register rules: 


  • Settings - Register Rules
  • Manager Override


Under SettingsEmployee Roles you can assign these permissions to the different roles you've set up for your business. OwnersManagers, and Admins are granted these new permissions by default.

For detailed instructions on how to enable employee permissions, please see Editing employee roles.


Settings - Register Rules

This permission grants an employee access to Settings Register Rules, which allows them to create new register rules or edit existing ones.


Manager Override

Only certain IDs are able to be scanned for age verification (such as driver's licenses). Other forms of valid identification can be manually entered, but only by a user with the Manager Override permission.

Also, in some regions, there are exceptions to the normal age restrictions on certain items (for example, for active military personnel or due to state grandfathering laws). For that reason, having the Manager Override permission and entering a Manager PIN will allow a user to override the age restriction rule and authorize the sale of the item. Any user with Manager Override permission has the responsibility to know when it is appropriate to do so for their region based on local laws and exceptions.

While the Manager PIN can bypass the minimum age restriction, a transaction cannot be authorized with an expired ID under any circumstances.

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