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About register rules (beta)

If your store carries items that have sales restrictions in your area, you can set up register rules under Settings Register Rules to help you enforce those restrictions. Register rules allow you to limit the quantity of an item that can be sold at a time, or to confirm the age of the buyer before the transaction can be complete.

If you're using Lightspeed Retail POS with Lightspeed eCom, however, the register rules you configure in Retail POS will only block in-store sales. To block online sales as well,  age verifications and quantity limits need to be configured in Lightspeed eCom. The same applies if you're using Retail POS with a third-party eCommerce solution.

This section of the getting started guide covers these areas:

  • Set employee permissions about register rules
  • Create register rules
  • Sell items with register rules
Note: If you're part of the RACS initiative and are new to Lightspeed Retail POS, the JUUL catalog items should already be imported into your inventory. The required register rules (purchase limits and age restrictions) should also be set up for you under Settings Register Rules and applied to them. All you need to do now is:
  1. Set up your employee permissions about register rules

  2. Update the quantity on hand of your JUUL items (when you're ready to go live)

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