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Importing items from vendor catalogs

Save time and effort by searching pre-built vendor catalogs and importing items directly into your inventory instead of manually entering item details (e.g. description, UPC and MSRP).

Adding industries and vendors to your account

To import a vendor's catalog items, you first need to add the vendor and industry to your account.

  1. From the main menu, select Inventory > Vendor Catalogs.
  2. Enable the industry of the vendor. If needed, verify the associated industry in the Pre-loaded Catalogs list. If you don’t see the vendor on the list, submit their catalog to our Retail Imports team.

    Enabling industries adds all associated vendors and their catalogs to the Default Vendor and Catalog dropdowns throughout your account.

    Vendor catalogs

  3. All the vendors that are associated with the industry you enabled are now added under Inventory > Vendors. Their catalogs are also enabled by default.
    List of enabled vendors

Importing catalog items using purchase orders

Now that the vendor's catalog is enabled in your account, you can import the catalog items you need using a purchase order. A purchase order serves as a record of the catalog items you imported and will allow you to enter or scan the quantity on hand quickly.

  1. From the main menu, select Inventory > New Order.
  2. Select the shop you want to add quantities to, select a vendor, and click Save Changes.
  3. Under Add Items, check the Search All Catalogs checkbox if you want to search the catalogs of all your vendors or uncheck to only search the catalog of the selected vendor.
  4. In the Search Item Description field, enter or scan one of the following searchable details of the catalog item you want to import: Description, Vendor ID, UPC, EAN, or Manufacturer SKU.
  5. Click Search to display results in the Catalog Results tab.

    Select the eye icon to confirm the catalog item in the search results is the one you need.

  6. Select Import for individual items or use the checkboxes and +Import/Add Selected for multiple items.
  7. Review the prefilled item details like Price, Default cost, and Category. Enter additional item details as needed.
  8. Select Save Changes > Select Item. The item is officially added to your inventory and the purchase order with an ORDER QTY. of 1.
  9. In the ORDER QTY. field, enter or scan the quantity of the catalog item you want to add to your inventory.

Adding quantities to your inventory

To add the quantities you entered in ORDER QTY. to your inventory:

  1. At the top of the purchase order, select OrderedCheck In.
  2. Under Mark Items Received, select Receive All Items to automatically enter the quantity you entered in the ORDERED QTY. field in the # RECEIVED field.
  3. Select Add Received to Inventory to add the received quantities to your inventory.
    Catalog search results

The catalog items are now imported into your inventory.

Importing other vendors or large files

If you don’t see your vendor on the Pre-loaded Catalogs list or if you need to import other large or specialty inventory, catalog, or vendor files, you can make an import request to our Retail Imports team. Before submitting your request, please ensure you have properly prepared your files for import.

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