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Troubleshooting the Star TSP100IIIU on your iPad

If your receipt printer is having the following issues, start by turning it off and back on again:


  • Your receipt printer isn't printing receipts
  • Your receipt printer appears offline on the Profile screen in Retail POS
  • An error message displays when you try to print a receipt in Retail POS


To do so, press the power switch on the left-hand side of your receipt printer to the OFF and then ON position:



If after turning your receipt printer off and on you're still having issues:

  1. On your iPad, press the Home button twice. This will display previews of all of your recently used apps.


  2. Swipe the Retail POS app's preview upwards to force close it.


  3. Disconnect the Lightning to USB Cable from your iPad's charging port.
  4. Turn off your receipt printer.
  5. Disconnect your receipt printer's power cable from the electrical outlet.
  6. Wait 30 seconds.
  7. Connect your receipt printer's power cable to the electrical outlet. 
  8. Connect the Lightning to USB Cable to your iPad's charging port.


  9. Turn on your receipt printer


  10. Open Retail POS.
  11. Sign in to Retail POS.


  12. From the Sales screen, tap a completed sale.
  13. On the right panel, tap Printer receipt Print receipt.



Your receipt printer should now be able to print receipts and appear as connected on the Profile screen in Retail POS.

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