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Correcting negative inventory caused by online sales

If an online sale caused the item to have a negative inventory, it's likely because the item has the Allow backorders setting enabled or the Track the inventory setting disabled in your eCom back office. Your customer purchased it on your online store even though you had insufficient stock (which is expected).

To correct the item's negative quantity on hand, we first recommend looking under the PURCHASE ORDER and TRANSFER columns to see if you have in-transit quantities for the item.


If you do have an incoming purchase order or transfer:

  1. From the Negative inventory report, click the in-transit quantity under the PURCHASE ORDER or TRANSFER column.
  2. Receive the in-transit quantity on the purchase order or transfer to correct the item's negative quantity on hand.
  3. Fulfill your customer's eCom order.


If you do not have an incoming purchase order or transfer:

  1. In one tab of your web browser, keep the Negative inventory report open.
  2. Select the Show eCom orders checkbox to include all items with backorders in the results.
  3. Optionally, click the PURCHASE ORDER or TRANSFER column headers to display items that don't have incoming purchase orders or transfers at the top of the results.
  4. Analyze all your backorders and decide which items you'll purchase and/or transfer together versus individually.
  5. In another tab on your web browser, create the purchase orders and/or transfers you need to fulfill your backorders.
  6. Compare between the report and purchase order and/or transfer tabs and enter the items and quantities you need to fulfill your backorders.
  7. Optionally, filter the report by shop and/or default vendor to help streamline your ordering process. For example, if you fulfill backorders by purchasing items with the same vendor together rather than individually, we recommend filtering the report by default vendor.
  8. Once your purchase orders and/or transfers arrive, receive the in-transit quantity to correct the negative quantity on hand of your items.
  9. Fulfill your customers' eCom orders.


Note: The reasons and suggested solutions in this Help article are only some of the common ones you might come across.

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