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Enabling negative inventory

The Negative inventory setting under Settings Optional Modules enables your stock quantities to dip into the negative when items are oversold or oversent on transfers and vendor returns. If enabled, the setting also adds the Negative inventory report to your account. The purpose of this report is to list all of the items in your Retail account that currently have a negative quantity on hand and the negative inventory adjustments that lead them there. You can periodically run the report (e.g. daily, monthly, etc.) and analyze the helpful data it contains to:


  • Identify the reasons why your items have negative inventory
  • Correct the negative quantity on hand of your items
  • Maintain the most accurate inventory possible


At this time, enabling the Negative inventory setting is encouraged but entirely optional if your Retail account was created before June 26th, 2019. As enabling it can impact your process for managing inventory, we wanted you to have the option to familiarize yourself with negative inventory practices and to train your employees before implementing the feature in order to ensure a smooth transition from the auto-add inventory handling that's currently offered.

If your Retail account was created after June 26th, 2019, however, the Negative inventory setting and report are automatically enabled for you so you can start benefitting from the simplicity they bring to your inventory management right from the start.


To enable the Negative inventory setting and report:

  1. From the main menu, click SettingsOptional Modules
  2. Enable the Negative inventory switch.
  3. Click Save Changes.
  4. To activate this setting, you and all employees currently signed in must sign out and sign back in again.


What's next?

If you've enabled the Negative inventory setting, we encourage you to explore our collection of Help articles and to watch our Help video on the topic. They'll help you familiarize yourself with how it impacts your inventory handling and they might hold the answers to your questions.

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