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Preventing eCom (C-Series) data loss

Your Retail account is designed to sync data seamlessly to eCom. When you add or make a change to certain information in Retail, it will appear in eCom.

However, not all information in eCom comes from Retail. In fact, there is a lot of eCom specific information that can be entered into the eCom side, unrelated to your Retail account. eCom specific content can include descriptions, content, images, eCom categories, shipping weights and dimensions, old prices for discounts and SEO information. This information can be lost if certain changes are made in your Retail account. Backing up your information before making these changes is imperative.

Backing up data

To prevent data loss, backup your eCom data before making a change that could result in data loss. Follow these directions:

  1. Log into your eCom Back Office and click Products.
  2. Click the product title you will be affecting with a change in your Retail account.
  3. Copy and save any information you think may be important on this page, including:
    • Product names
    • Descriptions
    • Content
    • SEO Details
    • Categories
    • Images
  4. Scroll down to the INVENTORY AND VARIANTS section and click on the first variant. Copy and save any information here that may be important as well, including:
    • Old price
    • Weights and sizes
    • Backorder settings
    • Order limits

Actions that cause data loss

Generally, the reason data is lost is because a change made in your Retail account causes the system to delete the product from eCom. The following actions in your Retail account will delete a product from eCom:

  1. Clicking Delete from eCom when managing a product.
  2. Merging an item - The merged item's sales data is preserved, but the eCom version of the item will be deleted.
  3. Adding an individual item into a matrix - The individual item is represented by an equivalent eCom product. When added to a matrix, the original eCom product is deleted because it becomes a variant of another eCom product.

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