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Setting up the Miura M010 with BNP Paribas on your iPad

This article explains how to:

  • configure your Retail account to process payments with BNP Paribas, and
  • set up your Miura M010 payment terminal on your iPad.


This setup is only available to merchants in Belgium and the main setup steps involved are:

  1. Setting your location and currency
  2. Configuring your BNP Paribas gateway
  3. Pairing the Miura M010 to your iPad via Bluetooth
  4. Processing a test transaction


Before you begin

  • Purchase a Miura M010 payment terminal from BNP Paribas. They refer to it as their "mCashier" payment terminal.
  • Make sure that you've received your Miura M010 payment terminal. If for any reason you haven't received it, please contact Billing.
  • Check that the BNP Paribas gateway was configured in your Retail account under Settings Payment Processing. This should have been configured by on of our Support agents when they received your BNP Paribas credentials (your Merchant identifier and Merchant secret key).
  • Check that your Location was set to Belgium and your Currency was set to EUR € (euro) in your Retail account under Settings General Options. This should have been reviewed by one of our Support agents as well.


If all of the above prerequisites were successfully completed, you can skip ahead to Step 3

If you have your Miura M010 terminal but for some reason the other prerequisites haven't been completed, contact Support to get your BNP Paribas credentials and start at Step 1.



  • 1. Setting your location and currency


    To process payments with BNP Paribas, the location of your Retail account needs to be set to Belgium and its currency set to EUR € (euro). To do so:


    1. Log in to Retail POS.
    2. From the main menu, tap Retail ManagerSettings.
    3. Tap General Options.
    4. Under Location Customization, select the following:
      • Location: Belgium
      • Currency: EUR € 
    5. Tap Save Changes.


  • 2. Configure your BNP Paribas gateway


    Next, you need to configure your BNP Paribas gateway in your Retail account. To do so, you need your BNP Paribas credentials (your Merchant identifier and Merchant secret key).


    1. From the main menu, tap Settings Payment Processing.
    2. Tap + Add a Payment Gateway.
    3. From the Gateway drop-down, select BNP Paribas. The settings for the gateway display.
    4. In the Configuration name field, enter a name for your gateway. 
    5. Under Gateway Credentials, enter the credentials you received from our Lightspeed Support team. We recommend copying and pasting them into the fields:
      • Merchant identifier
      • Merchant secret key
    6. If you have a multi-store account, under Select Shops, select all the shops that will use the BNP Paribas gateway.
    7. Under Credit Card Payment Mapping, select how the credit and debit card types will appear on your receipts and reports. For example, if you have a custom Visa payment type, selecting it from the Visa drop-down will mark all Visa payments as Visa instead of Credit on your receipts and reports. To assign custom payment types (e.g. Visa) from these drop-downs, however, you need to create them in Settings > Payment Types.
    8. Tap Save.


  • 3. Pairing the Miura M010 to your iPad via Bluetooth


    To power on the Miura M010, press the power button on the top-right corner. Once the payment terminal is ready, the Bluetooth icon and the battery status indicator display onscreen. The Bluetooth light on the right of the screen also begins to flash about once every second. To make the payment terminal discoverable via Bluetooth, press and hold the ENTER key until the onscreen Bluetooth icon and the Bluetooth light begins to flash quickly. Now that your Miura M010 is powered on and discoverable via Bluetooth, pair it to your iPad.


    1. Press the Home button on your iPad.
    2. Tap Settings Bluetooth.
    3. Under OTHER DEVICES, tap the payment terminal. It should be called "Miura" followed by the last six digits of its serial number. You can find its serial number on the back of the payment terminal.
    4. In the new Bluetooth Pairing Request alert, you'll see a code. If the code on your payment terminal's screen is the same, press the ENTER key on the payment terminal and Pair in the alert on your iPad.


    The Bluetooth icon on your payment terminal's screen should now be solid and the payment terminal should now be listed as Connected under MY DEVICES on your iPad.


  • 4. Processing a test transaction


    Now that your payment terminal is paired to your iPad, it's time to process a test transaction.


    1. Open Retail POS.
    2. On the Profile screen, tap New Sale.
    3. Tap > Miscellaneous Charges.
    4. In the Price field, enter 0.01 and tap Add.
    5. Tap More Payments Credit Card Start Payment.
    6. Process the credit card at the payment terminal. The Summary screen in Retail POS confirms that the payment is approved.
    7. Tap Close > Done.
    8. The Summary screen in Retail POS confirms that the payment is refunded and the total is CHF0.00.
    9. Tap Close Done.
    10. On the top-right of the Payment screen, tap Cancel Sale.
    11. In the alert, tap Confirm.


    Congratulations! You're now ready to accept credit card payments from your customers with BNP Paribas.

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