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About Lightspeed Loyalty

Lightspeed Loyalty enables you to customize and configure the loyalty program that is right for your business, helping you build your brand and grow a loyal customer base by incentivizing product purchasing. As you set up your program, you'll decide how many points to award per dollar spent in your store, how many points it takes to obtain a reward, and what kind of special bonuses are available. 

The awarding and redeeming of Loyalty points will most often occur through a streamlined interface in the Lightspeed Retail sales screen while processing transactions, but you'll also have access to the Lightspeed Loyalty Manager, which you'll use for a variety of administrative functions. With it, you can track trends, segment your customer base into demographics, and send marketing emails and text messages to specific customer groups.

The Loyalty Manager

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the Loyalty Manager as follows:

  1. Log in to the Loyalty Manager at https://loyalty.lightspeedapp.com.
  2. Confirm that your account information is correct and connect your Lightspeed Retail account to Lightspeed Loyalty in the Settings section.
  3. Determine when and how points will be awarded to your customers in the Campaigns section.
  4. Set up what rewards will be available and their point values in the Rewards section.
  5. If you have more than one shop in your Lightspeed Retail account, set up your stores in the Locations section.

With that preliminary setup and configuration complete, you will be ready to start enrolling customers in your Loyalty program and awarding them points. Once you do, you'll have some tools available to you to monitor your activity:

  • Keep an eye on recent trends in the Dashboards section.
  • View a detailed activity log in the Reports section.
  • View a list of enrolled customers and their point balances, and manually add or remove points from specific accounts in the Customers section.
  • Establish specific demographics or customer types in the Groups section.
  • Reach out to your customers directly through the Email Marketing section or the SMS Marketing section.

Merchants in the North American region may not have access to SMS marketing. We recommend merchants in this region use Email marketing to communicate with customers. 

While you can add or remove points from a customer's account through the Loyalty Manager, most point balance updates will come from the Sales register interface.

Sales register

Designed to slide as seamlessly as possible into your regular sales workflow, the sales register interface for Lightspeed Loyalty will let you award points and redeem points without ever having to leave Lightspeed Retail. 

If you ever have questions about Lightspeed Loyalty, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team.

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