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Reloading data in Lightspeed Accounting

To enhance user autonomy and reduce the need to contact Retail Support for Lightspeed Accounting issues, sales reload and regenerate buttons have been enabled for you to independently reload your sales data.

Using sales reload buttons

Sales reload buttons are troubleshooting tools and should not be used as part of your normal workflow.

Sales reload buttons should only be used if posted data is returning a FAILED status or if Retail POS data (exclusively Sales, Payments, COGS or Purchase Orders) specific dates have changed and you need to update the day’s posting.

Note that you will only be able to reload one day at a time. Only historical dates after the first day of your Lightspeed Accounting subscription will be available for reload.

Issues must be fixed before reloading, regenerating, or reposting.

Checking mapping and store connection

Before reloading data, make sure you've completed all mapping and confirm your store is showing as Connected under Settings > Stores > View Details.


Reloading data

You may need to reload your data if:

  • Sales or other Retail POS data has changed (sales voids, item categories, etc.)
  • Lightspeed Accounting mapping has been updated.
  • Retail POS reports don't match Lightspeed Accounting numbers for the same day (e.g., sales, COGS, tax, payments).

To reload your data:

  1. In Lightspeed Accounting, navigate to Reports > Sales Totals.


  2. Set the date, then click Refresh.


  3. Under Sales Totals, open the date.


  4. In the Accounting tab, click Reload (refresh arrows icon) to bring data from Retail ROS into Lightspeed Accounting.


  5. Once reloaded, click Post (lightning bolt icon) to send data from Lightspeed Accounting to your accounting software.


    For Quickbooks Online, Xero, and Sage, wait a few minutes for data sync. For Quickbooks Desktop, run the web connector manually.

Regenerating data

Regenerating data helps resolve posting issues or incorrect information by updating previously failed posting due to erroneous mapping.

You can regenerate data when the G/L account information is incorrect, has been updated, or has changed in your accounting software or when sales data or purchase orders show errors and have FAILED.

  1. Choose the date you need to regenerate, then click the calculator icon.


  2. If regenerating data that's already posted and synced and mapping changes are made, the status will change from POSTED to UPDATE.
  3. Click Post (lightning bolt icon).



Using sales reload and regenerate buttons when needed ensures your data is accurate and up-to-date. If you encounter any issues, reach out to Retail Support for assistance.



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