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Cash Drawer Won't Open / Receipts Won't Cut (Mac)

The cash drawer gets its power from the receipt printer. Make sure that all cords and cables are secure. If the receipt printer doesn't have power, the cash drawer won't open. 


On a Mac, the cash drawer function is controlled by the browser. Once the cables are secured tightly, make sure that the printer has paper and the power to the receipt printer is on. Then, open a completed transaction by going to Reports > Totals and clicking on any Sale ID. Click Print Receipt to bring up a past sale. 

Once the transaction has been opened in a new tab, make sure that your Firefox print dialog box closely matches the following image: 

  1. Select the Star receipt printer you are using.
  2. Select the Paper Size 72mm x 2000mm or 2.83 x 78.72 inches.
  3. In the Page Headers and Page Footers drop-downs, make sure that they are all set to --blank--.
  4. In the in the drop-down with Firefox selected, change it to Printer Features.
  5. Under Printer Features, there will be a new drop-down called Feature Sets. Change it to Cut Options.
  6. Change both 1. Page Cut Type and 2. Document Cut Type to Partial Cut.

  7. Change the Feature Sets drop-down to Cash Drawer Control. Change the Cash Drawer drop-down to Open Drawer 1.


We recommend that you save all of these settings as a preset. Under the Presets drop-down menu, select Save Current Settings as Preset... Simply name the preset Receipts, click OK and then click the Print button in your printer dialog box. 

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