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Employee discounts

Simple Discounts

If employees are entitled to a percentage discount for all items:

  1. Create a Discount for the desired percentage.
  2. Create a Customer Type called Employee and select percentage in the Discount drop-down menu

Complex Discounts

If employees are entitled to discount based on the item cost:

  1. Create a Customer Type called Employee.
  2. Start a new Price Rule.
  3. Select the All Items/Charges checkbox.

    NOTE: Leave this unchecked if the discount only applies to select items.

  4. Select Employee in the Customer Type selection box
  5. If you would like to add discounts on top of this price rule, select the Allow Discounts checkbox.
  6. In the Price Adjustment section, choose Markup or Margin.
  7. Click Save Changes.
  8. A new Markup or Margin field will appear. Set the percentage for the adjustment.

  9. If you left All Items/Charges unchecked, select the items to be affected by the price adjustment. 

Now, when you attach any customer with the Employee Customer Type, their items will be discounted automatically. 

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