Selling out of stock items and the Auto-Add & Auto Check-In feature

When attempting to sell an item that has no units in stock, Lightspeed Retail will show the warning below and do one of two things when the sale has been completed:

  • Auto-add items.
  • Auto-receive items.



Lightspeed Retail will automatically add a unit of the item to you available inventory, which is immediately removed when the sale is complete if there are no units available. 


If you attempt to sell an item that has no units in stock but has units on order, Lightspeed Retail will automatically receive those units from a Purchase Order or Transfer in order for you to sell the stock. 

The Logs report will record every occurrence of automatically added inventory. To open it, click Reports and from the Inventory Changes section, click Logs.

NOTE: In the Advanced search filters, select the Auto Only checkbox. This filter shows all automatic inventory changes by marking Yes in the AUTO column. 

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