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Archiving items with zero stock and the Asset Report

Inventory counts are used to calculate shrinkage, damaged goods and to correct any quantity on hand discrepancies. You can count everything all at once or do a partial count using categories, tags or manufacturers. 

Before you start your new inventory count, we recommend:

  • Correcting your Asset Report
  • Exporting your Asset Report
To start a new inventory count, go to Doing inventory counts.
After you finish your inventory count, we recommend archiving your items with zero stock.

Correcting your Asset Report

  1. From the main menu, click on Reports > Assets.
  2. Click on the column header Margin to sort your search results.
  3. Click the Item Descriptions to make the below corrections:
    • 100% Margins: enter a Default Cost.

    • 0% Margins: enter a Default Price.

    • Negative Margins: enter a Default Price that is higher than your Default Cost.

Exporting your Asset Report

  1. Correct your Asset Report.
  2. From the main menu, click on Reports > Assets.
  3. On the top right of the search Result, click on Export

NOTE: Export your Asset Report before beginning your inventory count as acquiring this data after reconciling is difficult.

Archiving items with zero stock

  1. Correct and export your Asset Report.
  2. Got to Settings Archive Items.
  3. Archive items with zero stock by following the below:
    • Individual items: click on the Archive icon  next to the item.
    • Multiple items: select item checkboxes and click Archive button  at the bottom of the search results.
    • Columns of items: select the checkbox at the bottom of the search results and click the Archive button .

NOTE: To include items with stock, check the With Inventory box and click Search. To maximize your search results per page, click on # PER PAGE > enter 100 > click OK.

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