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Setting up the iZettle Reader with iZettle on your iPad

Set up an EMV- and Bluetooth-enabled iZettle Reader payment terminal for use with iZettle payment processing in Lightspeed Retail.

Please note the following when using iZettle with Lightspeed Retail POS:

  • Before proceeding, you must set up an account for your business with iZettle (https://www.izettle.com/gb/register).
  • To ensure payments are processed through iZettle in the same currency as your store, the currency you've specified for your store and the currency you've set for your account with iZettle must be the same.

Setup includes the following:

  1. Pair the iZettle reader with your iPad via Bluetooth
  2. Set iZettle as the Gateway in Retail POS
  3. Assign the iZettle terminal to your iPad

1. Pair the iZettle Reader with your iPad via Bluetooth

IMPORTANT: If you have the Miura M010 terminal, please note the Bluetooth pairing procedure differs slightly. Click here for more information

  1. Power on the iZettle Reader terminal by pressing the power button on the top-right corner of the device.

    NOTE: When it’s not being charged, the iZettle Reader's display automatically turns off after a few minutes to preserve battery life. Pressing any key turns it on again. After 20 minutes, the terminal turns off completely.

  2. Start pairing mode:
    • When you power on the terminal for the first time, it automatically enters pairing mode.
    • If the terminal was previously paired with another device, start pairing mode by pressing the blue check-mark key on the terminal's keypad for about 5 seconds until the Bluetooth pairing symbol displays.
  3. On your iPad, open the Settings app.
  4. Tap Bluetooth.
  5. On the right-hand side, tap the Bluetooth slider to toggle it on (if it's off).
  6. Wait a minute or two for your iPad to discover the iZettle terminal. Then, under OTHER DEVICES (on your iPad's Bluetooth screen), tap the iZettle entry (that appears there) to initiate pairing.
  7. Both your iPad and the iZettle Reader terminal display a random pairing number. Make sure the numbers on both devices match; then, tap PAIR on your iPad and press the blue check-mark key on the terminal's keypad to complete pairing.

NOTE: Depending on the version of your iPad, manual PIN pairing may be required. If you're prompted for a Bluetooth PIN during the pairing process, enter the last 6 digits of the terminal's serial number (which you'll find on the back of the terminal).

2. Set iZettle as the Gateway in Retail POS

  1. Sign in to the Retail POS app.
  2. Open the main menu and tap Retail Manager.
  3. Tap Settings > Payment Processing.
  4. Tap + Add a Payment Gateway.
  5. From the Select Gateway drop-down, select iZettle.
  6. From the sub-sections that appear, configure the following:
    • Assign a Name: Enter a unique gateway configuration name that is more intuitive to you (optional).
    • Select Shops: Select the shops that will be using this gateway to process payments.
    • Credit Card Payment Mapping: Map all card brands to their corresponding payment types to configure how they will appear in your reporting.
  7. Tap the blue Save button.
  8. To make sure your changes take effect, sign out and sign back in to the Retail POS app.

3. Assign the iZettle Reader terminal to your iPad

    1. From the main menu, tap the card reader icon

    2. Tap Payment Terminal.

    3. The iZettle icon and iZettle Settings button display. You will need to log in to your iZettle account to enable payment processing via iZettle. Tap the iZettle Settings button.
    4. Enter your account information when prompted and click Sign In.

You are now ready to process payments through iZettle!

What's next?

  • To do a test transaction and learn how to view your payment details, see our Configuring payment processing article.
  • To learn how to process refunds and exchanges on your iPad, click here.

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