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Configuring register settings

  1. From the main menu, click Settings > General Options.
  2. From the Register area choose your settings.
Require PIN Before Each Sale requires an employee PIN to be entered before a new sale can be started on the register to help ensure the correct user is logged in for each sale.
Require Customer For Serial Numbers for items that require serial number tracking, requires that a customer is attached to the sale
No Store Credit Refunds does not allow store credit to be given to customers during a refund
No Gift Card Refunds does not allow gift cards to be given to customers as a refund
Without Receipt Refund Credit Only if a customer has no receipt, issues only a store credit for refunds
Disable All Inventory Warnings displays a warning message on the register screen when you add an item to a sale that is out-of-stock or whose stock is reserved as a special order, layaway, or work order
Do Not Convert Singles To Boxes Automatically When you add individual items to a sale that are also available as part of a boxed set, Lightspeed Retail automatically displays the boxed price if the quantity entered in the sale equals the quantity of the boxed item. For example, if you sell a can of soda for a $1, and a case of 12 soda cans for $10, when you add 12 single soda cans to a register it displays it the case price. Enabling this option disables the auto-box pricing.
No Discounts on Labor controls whether discounts can be applied to labor in Lightspeed Retail. Labor refers to a non-inventoried item with a tax class setting of Labor (Labor item), and a labor charge that is applied using the Labor button on sales, special orders, layaways, and work orders. When this option is enabled, a discount cannot be applied to a labor charge or any labor item. For labor items, you can enable or disable discounting for individual items using the Discounts Allowed item setting.

NOTE: When you enable this setting, it overrides any Price Rules or customer discounts.

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