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Voiding a sale

Voiding a sale returns the item to inventory, removes the payment from Lightspeed and removes the sale from your sales history. Voided sales will not appear in any sales reports or customers records, but will still be present in the system in the Voids Report. Voids are not reversible.

Note that if you use Cayan as your payment gateway, if the sale was paid for by credit card and if the sale was voided within 25 minutes of the transaction, no refund is necessary as the card will not be charged.




Voiding with Lightspeed Payments and Vantiv triPOS

Removing a Lightspeed Payments or Vantiv triPOS payment from an in progress sale will void it and refund your customer's debit or credit card. However, once the sales transaction has been completed, sales processed through Lightspeed Payments or Vantiv triPOS can no longer be voided. To return items to inventory and refund your customer's card, you must refund the sale instead of voiding it. Instructions on how to refund vary depending on if you're using a computer or the Retail POS app on your iPad.

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