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Adding vendors

For costing, ordering, inventory, and purchasing functions, it is necessary to set up your product vendors. If you added product industries when you were Configuring your account the associated vendors were automatically added to your vendor list. However you still need to specify the vendor settings.

NOTE: You can also add vendors on-the-fly when adding products manually. If you import products into Lightspeed Retail from a pre-existing database that includes vendor information, the vendors are automatically added to your Lightspeed Retail system.

To add vendors

  1. From the main menu, click Inventory > Vendors.
  2. To edit an existing vendor, select them from the list, or click + New Vendor to add a new vendor.
  3. Enter the vendor options and contact information.

    NOTE: If you select any of the Update From Catalog options, the information is updated automatically when adding items to a purchase order to reflect the updated vendor catalog. This is especially useful for using integrated vendors.

  4. Click Save Changes.


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