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Creating matrices

If you sell items that are the same but have different colors, sizes, or other attributes, use a matrix to keep your items organized. For example, a shoe store could create a Size/Color matrix, or a 3 Attribute matrix for size, color and width. A vape shop can use a 3 Attribute matrix for size, strength and percentage.

You can edit any information about your matrix items at any time. You can edit all of the items in a matrix at once or individual items one at a time.

To create a matrix

  1. From the main menu, click Inventory > Matrix > + New Matrix.
  2. Add a description for the matrix and any applicable information about shared values (e.g. a brand) and click Save Changes.

  3. From the Matrix Type section, choose the kind of matrix you are creating (Color, Size, Color/Size, 3 Attributes, or a custom attribute set) and click Save Changes.

    NOTE: Besides the built-in system attribute sets, you can select from any number of custom attribute sets that you have created. For more information on custom attribute sets, refer to Creating custom matrix attribute sets.

  4. In the attribute columns on the right, enter the matrix attributes details and click Save Changes.
  5. eCom data loss 

    If you add an existing item to a matrix and that item has been published to eCom, you may lose important eCom data. For more information, visit Preventing eCom data loss.

    To add existing inventory items to the matrix, under Add Existing Item To Matrix search for existing items and:

    • select the checkboxes of the items you want to add and click +Add Selected.
    • click the Select icons of individual items.
    • After an item has been added to the matrix, use the drop-down menu to assign that item the appropriate matrix attributes.
  6. To add new inventory items to the matrix, click Matrix in the left menu and click the + button of items you want to add to the matrix.

    NOTE: The matrix attribute column(s) must have at least one row of values to enable the Matrix section in the left menu.

    NOTE: Items create via this method inherits the default values you've entered when creating the Matrix.

  7. Click the Setup section from the left menu and from under Group Items, enter attribute values for all matrix items.

To edit a matrix

  1. From the main menu, click Inventory > Matrix.

  2. Select the matrix to edit under the COMMON DESCRIPTION column header.
  3. Edit the matrix as needed and click Save Changes:

    • To add inventory items to the matrix, refer to the above section To create a matrix.
    • To change the shared values of items in the matrix, under Shared Values - Applied to all items in the matrix, edit the applicable values and click SaveChanges.

    • To set or re-apply default values to all items in the matrix, adjust the values under Default Values and click Reset Items To Defaults.

    • To re-name a matrix item, you can do either of the following:
      • Edit the group description that makes up its item description.

        NOTE: This will re-name all items in the matrix as the group description is shared amongst them.

      • Edit the attribute variant(s) that makeup its item description.

        NOTE: This will re-name all items in the matrix that contain the attribute variant(s) in their item description.

      • From the Group Items area, click the pencil icon next to the matrix item you want to edit and select different variant(s) from the attribute drop-down(s).
    • To reorder your matrix attributes, click and drag their Screen_Shot_2017-05-10_at_1.47.23_PM.pngicon.


NOTE: While in the editing mode, you can Archive or Duplicate the matrix as needed.

To archive or duplicate a matrix

  1. From the main menu, click Inventory > Matrix.

  2. Select a matrix under the COMMON DESCRIPTION column header.
  3. Click Archive or Duplicate.

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