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Adding images to items

Adding images gives your customers visual references for your products. These images are displayed in the Retail POS (R) app, in eCom, and in the details of the item in Lightspeed Retail.

Preparing image files

For your images to upload properly, we recommend following these parameters.

  • Image size: 650x650 pixels. Other resolutions will be scaled to fit.
  • File type: .jpeg or .jpg is preferred, as these will upload and load the quickest.
  • File size maximum: 8 MB. Images of a larger size will not upload.
  • File name: Only use letters and numbers, no special characters.
  • Browser: Use Firefox or Chrome for best results.

Adding images to an item

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Item Search.

    Inventory page, with Item Search emphasized.

  2. Click on the item.

    Item Search page with item's name emphasized.

  3. If there is no image loaded for the item, click + Add Images.

    Item page with +Add Images emphasized.

    If you have previously added at least one image, click View & Manage Images.

    Item page with image uploaded.

  4. Click Browse Files and select the image(s) you want to upload.

    Alternatively, drag and drop your image(s) to upload.

    Item page with large box to Drag and Drop Images or Browse Images.

Managing your images

  1. Click on View & Manage Images to see all of your images for this item.

  2. Click on Grid or Slideshow to change your view.

    • Grid view shows your image thumbnails. You can add more images, or click on an image to enter its Slideshow view.
      • Click and drag images to reorder them. The first image will be your Featured image.

      Grid view for images.

    • Slideshow view shows one large image at a time. Navigate through the images by using the arrows.
      • Click Delete Image to remove an image.
      • Click Mark as Featured to make that image the Featured image.
      • Right-click on the image and click Save image as... to save the image.
      • Click Close to return to the item page.

      Slideshow view of image.

Image upload limit

You can upload up to 12 images per item. Across your account, you can upload a total of 25,000 images or 100 GB of image data. Once you've reached 75% of either of these two limits, you will be notified in the image upload section of your item.

You can expand the total number of images allowed on your account or the total GB of image data allowed on your account. You will still be limited to 12 images per item. To upgrade your image upload limit, contact our Support team.

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