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Creating categories

You use categories to organize your items into groups and sub-groups. Using categories gives more specific, in-depth results in your reports. For example, with a year of sales, you'd see how well products categorized as men's shoes are selling.

NOTE: If you have an eCom store, make sure to adjust the visibility of the new category via your eCom back office - to make the category visible (available) in your online catalog. For more information on managing the visibility of products in your eCom store, refer to Managing product categories and to the eCom help article Creating categories.

IMPORTANT: If you import products into Lightspeed Retail from a database that includes category information, the categories are automatically added to your Lightspeed Retail account.

To create item categories

  1. From the main menu, click Inventory > Categories.
  2. To edit or add to a category branch, click it. To add a new category, click + New Category.
  3. Enter/edit the Category Name, and then click Save.
  4. Select the Parent category path.

    NOTE: You can change the category path for a category branch by selecting a different path. When you change its path, the structure of the branch that you’re moving is maintained. For example, if you have the branch Women > Clothing > Dresses, moving the Clothing branch also moves the Dresses subcategory.

  5. If you want to add a subcategory, enter the subcategory Name under Add Subcategory, and then click + Add Subcategory.
  6. Click Save Changes.

To rename, merge or delete categories

  1. From the main menu, click Inventory > Categories.
  2. Depending on if you want to rename, merge or delete categories, follow the workflows below:
    • To rename a category:
      1. From the list, click the category.
      2. Edit the category name.
      3. Click Save Changes.
    • To merge two or more categories:
      1. Click the primary category that you want to keep.
      2. From the left menu, click Merge.
      3. Select the checkbox of the secondary category (categories) that you want to merge into the primary one.
      4. Click MergeOK.
    • To delete a category,
      1. From the list, click the category.
      2. From the top right, click Delete > OK.

Category and subcategory limit

You can add up to 2,000 categories and subcategories in Lightspeed Retail. If you've reached your limit, you will be notified the next time you attempt to create a new category or subcategory.

NOTE: To upgrade your category and subcategory limit, contact our Support team to add the necessary module.


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