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Submitting catalogs

Lightspeed Retail maintains catalogs in many industries. Our customers help us acquire the catalog from the vendor by including us on mailing list updates.

Submitting your catalogs to our Retail Imports team

All files need to be sent in either a text or Excel file (tab delimited or comma separated). Our preferred format is .csv text files. Do not send order forms, they cannot be read by a computer. If your vendor has an order form instead of a list, let them know this file is for use with your point of sale system and they should be able to get you the right type of file.

  1. To create a ticket, follow one of the below workflows:
    • Click here for a direct link.
    • At the top of the page, click Submit a Request. Then from the product drop-down, select Lightspeed Retail.
  2. Fill in the Your email address, Subject, and Description fields.
  3. To automatically route your ticket to our Retail Imports team, from the Category drop-down, select Import > Catalog.
  4. To attach your files, click Attach Files.
  5. To submit your ticket, click Submit.

Once you've submitted your spreadsheet to our Retail Imports team, you can view your ticket in the Help Center by clicking your name > Activities on the top right.

Required fields

Description (Must be unique from every item/line)

Vendor Number or Vendor ID (Must be unique from every item/line)

Recommended fields


Other acceptable fields

Vendor Number (must be unique)

Description (must be unique)

Unit of Measurement

Cost (Cost data will be hidden and not made available to the general public)

Cost Level 2

Cost Level 3

Cost Level 4


Manufacturer Number


UPC (Recommended)


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