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Submitting an import request

The import request form is for import requests only. For other inquiries, contact Support via chat or phone.

To have your inventory, catalog, or vendor file imported, you can make an import request to our Retail Imports team. Before submitting your request , please ensure you have properly prepared your files for import.

  1. Format your item import files so they are compatible with Retail POS. You can download and use one of these pre-formatted templates to streamline the process:

  2. Prepare your files in CSV (recommended), XLSX, or text file format.

    Order forms cannot be read by a computer. If your vendor has an order form instead of a list, let them know this is for use with your point of sale (POS) system so they can get you the right type of file.

    • Required fields:
      • Description (must be unique from every item/line)
      • Vendor Number or Vendor ID (must be unique from every item/line)
      Other fields:
      • Vendor Number (must be unique)
      • Description (must be unique)
      • Unit of Measurement
      • Cost (cost data will be hidden and not made available to the general public)
      • Cost Level 2
      • Cost Level 3
      • Cost Level 4
      • MSRP
      • Manufacturer Number
      • Brand
      • UPC (recommended)
      • EAN
  3. Fill out the import request form, adding your Email address, Subject and Description of the request, Import type (Inventory, Customer, Vendor or Catalog), and Account ID.

    Find your Account ID by logging in to Retail POS and clicking Help at the bottom-left corner. It will be listed at the top of the pop up window.

  4. Click Add files to attach your prepared files.
  5. When ready to submit to our Retail Imports team, click Submit.


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