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Affecting the visibility of products in eCom (C-Series)

Changes to your items in eCom will be automatically uploaded to eCom when the item is published. There is no indication that product data is being uploaded, it just happens in the background.

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Adjusting product visibility in eCom

When items are created in Retail and their Publish to eCom checkboxes are selected, they are uploaded to eCom with their online visibility set to be hidden from your customers by default. Adjust product visibility and the default in your eCom back office.

For more information on how to do this, click here.

Effects of archiving in Retail

When you archive products, it only affects the visibility setting in eCom.

  • Items marked as archived in Retail before the initial upload to eCom are not uploaded.
    • After the initial upload, archiving a product in Retail sets its online visibility to hidden.
    • This is to prevent the item from being sold accidentally.
  • Archiving an item in Retail sets the product’s visibility to hidden in eCom.
  • Un-archiving an item in Retail does not change its online visibility status. To make a product visible online, you must change the visibility in eCom.
  • Saving an archived item in Retail sets the product's online visibility to hidden even if you had made it visible in eCom.

Effects of deleting items

Deleting items affects the visibility in eCom by completely removing them from your eCom store and back office.

IMPORTANT: Backup product information in eCom before deleting to prevent information from being irreversibly lost. For more information, click here.

Items can be deleted by:

Clicking Delete from eCom in Retail

Deleting items is the opposite of publishing items. For more information, click here.

Merging items

Retail allows two products to be combined through its merge feature. This operation deletes one product (the mergee) and combines its metadata with the remaining product (the merger). History in Retail is rewritten so that it appears as if there was always just one product.

eCom handles the product merge by deleting the mergee. Unlike Retail, product data and history is not combined in eCom.

Removing the last item from a matrix

Retail allows you to remove all items from a matrix. Doing so keeps an empty that matrix found in your Retail account >  Inventory > Matrix. When you remove the last item from a matrix in Retail, the matrix still exists on its own.

eCom does not read empty matrices as products. To keep your inventory consistent between Retail and eCom, only items are uploaded and represented as products. By removing the last item from a matrix in Retail, eCom deletes the product in response.

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