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Managing product brands in eCom (C-Series)

With omnichannel, it is necessary to manage your brands from your Retail account.

Creating brands

When you create brands in your Retail account, they are pushed to your eCom store. For this reason, to create brands in your eCom store, you must create them in your Retail account.

Brand names

When creating a brand in Retail, the following rules apply when entering a name:

  • Brand names must contain a maximum of 255 characters.
  • UTF-8 characters are supported (click here for a list).
  • When adding a brand, Retail does a case insensitive search of the name to avoid duplicates (e.g. If Lightspeed already exists, LIGHTSPEED or lightspeed can't be added).
  • Leading and trailing whitespace in a brand name are removed.

These rules are designed to avoid duplicate names, prevent formatting errors and ensure consistency between your Retail and eCom brands.

Changing or updating brand names

Changes to brand names in Retail are pushed automatically to eCom. You cannot change brand names in eCom.

To change the name of brands in your eCom store, you must change the name of the corresponding brand in your Retail. Your omnichannel integration will push your changes to your eCom store automatically.

NOTE: To manage the web contents of a brand, you must make the change in eCom.

Deleting brand names

To delete a brand, delete the corresponding brand in Retail. When a brand is deleted in Retail, the corresponding brand is deleted in eCom along with its metadata. This includes:

  • Brand Image
  • Brand content (description text)

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