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Understanding the eCom (C-Series) API and the App Store

Lightspeed eCom has an open API and it is a tool for developers to build software applications. Lightspeed offers this so that third-party developers can build integrations and additional functionality or extensions to Lightspeed eCom.

As omnichannel requires you to manage your products in Retail, any applications built with the API that affect products in eCom are incompatible. Depending on what you are looking to build, you may want to build a connection to Retail instead. You can read more about Lightspeed Retail’s open API at About the API.

eCom also offers an extensive App Store with existing third-party applications. There are some apps in the App Store that are not compatible with the omnichannel integration because they modify products or stock levels directly in eCom. If you click on an incompatible app, you will see the following warning message:

You can read more about the eCom App Store at Lightspeed eCom App Store


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