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Integrating with the Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) API

With the Lightspeed Retail application programming interface (API), you can expand the functionality of Lightspeed Retail with third-party application integrations.

The Lightspeed Retail API:

A complete reference documentation is available and includes every endpoint, attribute and supported method for the most recent release of the API. Click the image below to access it:


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The Lightspeed Community is a place for you to connect with other Retail API developers, collaborate with your peers, share your expertise and best practices, stay current with our latest Retail API announcements and share your feedback with us. 

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API updates

Important updates to the API are announced in the Changelog and Release Notes. Follow these lists to be sure that future changes will not impact your integration.

Looking for support?

  • Click here to visit our Lightspeed Community to find answers to your questions.
  • Click here for our API documentation.


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